Guidelines for graduate students

General guidelines for filling out dormitory application for graduate students

Applications for housing in dormitories will only be considered after the student has been accepted to the Technion and recommended for a scholarship by the academic unit. Applications will not be accepted after the date when dormitory applications are discussed.

The academic units are aware of this date. Applicants who have not yet been accepted are asked to notify the academic unit of their intention to live in the dormitories.

Applications to continue living in the dormitories or change one’s placement will only be discussed after confirmation of receiving the scholarship from the academic unit. Applications submitted late, or if the confirmation from the academic unit is received late, will only be considered based on availability.

Eligibility for the dormitories is assessed based on the number of scholarship units and the income of the student and his/her partner. The data is taken from different systems at the Technion.

The form must only be submitted along with all required documents. All of the relevant documents should be prepared in advance in jpg or pdf files only. Applications without all of the documents attached will not be accepted. If you are unable to complete the application due to the absence of a certain document, you will need to start over.

The right to housing is cancelled immediately in the case of completion, termination or break from studies.

You may not apply for undergraduate dormitories and graduate dormitories for the same semester. Duplicate applications will be automatically disqualified.

There are three types of forms (please fill out the relevant form only):

Application form for housing in dormitories – for first-time applicants.

Application form for continued housing in dormitories – for residents who wish to extend their stay in the dormitories in the apartment in which they are living.

Application form for changing placement in dormitories – for residents who wish you move to a different apartment in the dormitories.


The forms are divided into three statuses – singles, couples, and couples with kids. Pregnant couples are to fill out the application for couples with children (and attach proof of pregnancy as required in the form).


Maximum stay in dormitories

Master’s students – up to two years

Doctoral students – up to three years

Direct/special track – up to four years

Completion of master’s and transition to doctorate (indirect track) – up to four years

Transfer of eligibility for housing between members of a couple – maximum stay limited in accordance with the person with the longer eligibility.



No extension will be provided beyond the period stated above.

No extension will be provided for any kind of approved vacation and/or travel abroad for study or internships.


Eligibility for dormitories

The dormitories are intended for those receiving 3 scholarship units and up who do not own an apartment.

Eligibility for dormitories is determined based on academic and socioeconomic considerations.


Answers are sent by email to the address that appears in the Technion’s records. The student is responsible for keeping track of the messages sent.


Rent assistance grant

The Technion, via the Office of the Dean of Students, invites students to apply for a rent assistance grant for housing outside of the Technion’s dormitories. A limited number of grants is provided to students who are found eligible for housing in the dormitories in accordance with academic achievement and based on socioeconomic criteria, and on the condition of presenting a valid rental contract for an apartment/room in Haifa or the area. The contract must be signed by the student and the renter for a period of at least 12 months. The total amount of the grant to be awarded to the student is 5,000 NIS. The grant will be paid assuming that the student is studying full-time at the Technion and in the event of a decision to cease studies, a break, etc., the grant will be offset accordingly.

Students who are interested in the grant should note this in the appropriate section of the dormitory application form. Recipients of the grant will not be eligible for the dormitories in the same year.


Application dates for the dormitories:

Applications for winter semester – April 30, 2019 to May 30, 2019

Applications for spring semester – October 30, 2019 to November 30, 2019