Registration of New Student and Extension of Accommodation

Registration for Student Dormitories for Higher Degrees is done online at:

Applications should be submitted at the following times: Timetables

Dormitories for applicants in the process of being accepted for studies

An applicant for studies should submit an application form for student accommodation on the higher degrees website on the dates given:

  For instructions on completing the form

The application will be discussed at the times specified in the Timetables section according to the following conditions:

  • The applicant has been accepted for studies at the School of Higher Degrees.
  • The academic unit has sent a recommendation to the Grants Section at the School to give the applicant a grant.
  • The applicant is responsible for arranging for the academic unit to send the recommendation for a grant, after receiving final acceptance for studies.Marriage certificate or financial agreement to be signed before a notary/ Family matters Court/ Court, or declaration signed before a lawyer (download from the Dormitories website) regarding joint household (“Joint Agreement”) or Certificate of Partnership from the “New Family” organization.The joint household declaration and the financial agreement must also be accompanied by the signed explanation sheet.Couples awaiting a birth: attach pregnancy confirmation and expected date of birth.Extension of AccommodationApplications can be submitted for one or two semesters.No extension will be given for the types of approved vacations and/or overseas travel for the purposes of specialization courses and/or internships.
  • No longer extension will be given.
  • Students wishing to extend their accommodation for a further semester/ year must submit an application renewal form on the dates specified in the Timetables section according to the end of the approved stay, or once a year, as stated in the last residence approval letter.
  • Couples with children: attach ID extract showing the children.
  • For those who marry after completing the form, receiving the key is conditional upon presentation of the marriage certificate.
  • The financial agreement or joint household declaration must include a photocopy of a rental agreement showing shared living for at least seven months.
  • Couples with children will attach to the application:

No accommodation extensions will be given for part of a semester