Instructions for completing the application form for Student Accommodation for Higher Degrees

Everything stated in the masculine is address to male and female students equally.

Applications for dormitory accommodation will be discussed after the student is finally accepted for studies and with a recommendation from the academic unit for a grant. No applications will be accepted after the date for discussing accommodation.

The academic units are aware of these dates. Applicants who have not yet been accepted are asked to notify the academic unit of their intention to live in the dormitories and complete the application form for accommodation when registering for studies.

Applications to renew or change accommodation will only be discussed after receiving confirmation of the grant from the academic unit. If the application is submitted late, or the grant confirmation from the academic units received late, the application will only be discussed if there is a vacancy.

Checks of eligibility for accommodation are based on the number of grant portions and the income of the student and his/her partner. The data are retrieved from various systems at the Technion.

The form must be completed with all required documents. The relevant documents should be prepared in advance as jpg or pdf documents only. Without the required documents the form will not be accepted. If you have to stop while completing the form due to the absence of a particular document, you will have to start again.

Stopping studies, completing studies or taking a break from studies automatically cancel the right to accommodation.

It is not possible to submit both an application for undergraduate degree accommodation and for higher degree accommodation for the same semester. Double applications will be automatically disqualified.

There are two types of form (only complete the required form):

Application for student accommodation – for first time applicants.

Renewal of application and change of accommodation – for students who wish to extend their stay in their current accommodation or move to another apartment.

There are three forms: for an individual, a couple, a couple with children. A pregnant couple will complete the application for couples with children (attaching a pregnancy confirmation as required in the form).

Maximum duration of stay in accommodation:

For a magister – up to two years

For a doctoral student – up to three years

Direct/ special track – up to four years

Completion of magister and move to doctorate (indirect track) – up to four years (Both degrees in total).

Transfer of eligibility for accommodation between a couple – limited to the longer of the times for which each is eligible.


No extension will be granted beyond the times specified above.

No extension will be given for any approved types of leave and/or overseas travel for courses and/or internship.

Eligibility for dormitories

The dormitories are intended for students receiving 3 or more grant portions, who do not own an apartment.

Eligibility is determined according to academic and socioeconomic criteria.

Replies are sent by email to the address in the Technion records. Students are responsible for tracking notices sent to them.

Dates for submitting applications for dormitories

Renewal application for winter semester: from 1.4.2020 to 30.4.2020.

Applications for acceptance for winter semester: from 24.5.2020 to 15.6.2020.

It is advisable to submit applications for accommodation before you are accepted for studies. The Accommodation Office will check your eligibility nearer the time of allocating accommodation.