Check out procedures

Residents moving out of their rooms/apartments or who are moving into a new dormitory room/apartment must follow Student Dormitories Check-Out Procedures.

Check-out procedures vary, depending on the type of residence: If you are moving out of a shared apartment, you will need to leave your room clean and relative areas of the shared facilities (the kitchenette, bathroom and living room); If you are moving out of a shared room where all facilities (kitchen, toilets and showers) are shared on your floor, you will only be required to leave your room clean.

At the time of check-out, students are required to do the following

  • Arrange a room/apartment inspection with your Residence Supervisor to approve the condition of the room (you should be aware of what you are responsible to clean as part of your room check-out before the inspection).
  • Room Cleanup
    1. Clean windows
    2. Dust shelves, desk, desk drawers, radiator, etc.
    3. Wipe down door (and remove any stickers) and light switches.
    4. Wash the floor (including under the bed).
    5. Wipe down wardrobe closet (including drawers) and linen chest.
    6. Remove all personal belongings from the room.
    7. In Shared Apartment:
      • Clean the medicine cabinet (in the bathroom) and the kitchen cabinet designated for your use.
      • Clean the area of the apartment that was mutually agreed upon ahead of time.
      • Return special equipment lent to you during your stay at the dorms (such as an oven, lamp, drawing board, etc.) to the housing staff of your housing complex.
      • At the time of check-out you will be responsible to returning your key to the Residence Supervisor.
      • You will receive a Release Form from the Resident Supervisor once your room/apartment inspection is approved – keep this form for your records.

Students moving out of couples and family residences will be required to follow the same procedures as outlined above and will be responsible for cleaning the entire apartment.

Students who move out of the dorms without following the check-out procedures will be charged with a month’s rent + cleaning fees + key charge + damages (if any).