GPA points table

GPA points table
GPA First degree at Technion First degree in another institution Graduate degrees
85 2 0 0
86 3 1 1
87 4 2 2
88 5 3 3
89 6 4 4
90 7 5 5
91 8 6 6
92 9 7 7
93 10 8 8
94 11 9 9
95 12 10 10
96 13 11 11
97 14 12 12
98 15 13 13
99 16 14 14
100 17 15 15

Numeric grades to calculate research progress

Numeric grades to calculate research progress
Research progress grade Numeric grade
A - Excellent 100
B - Very Good 90
C - Good 80

Research progress grades are not impacted by the research average: M (maternity leave), S (finishing stages), NA (no grade reported)

Additional points for the spouse

A credit of one point will be provided for the spouse studying in the Graduate School at Technion. Additional points will be provided based on the following for the spouse that receives a scholarship:

Additional points for the spouse
Scholarship amount Points
1 scholarship portion 1 point
2 scholarship portions 2 points
3 scholarship portions 3 points
4 or more scholarship portions 4 points

An additional point will be provided for a couple who serves in compulsory army service during a period that overlaps with the period of the dorm residence. (You must attach approval of the city officer of the compulsory service).

An additional point for involvement in the student union

Involvement in the student union, which provides confirmation of the above, will receive an addition of half a point.


The Dean of the School may consider an extraordinary request in the case of a student who does not meet the conditions for dorm residence, if there is an objective circumstance that justifies it.

Determining points based on socioeconomic considerations

Gross monthly income

The total value of the student’s scholarship portions, based on the academic status according to the information detailed in the Rate for monthly scholarship portions + spouse’s gross salary + teaching assistant salary + other income .

Points per capita income

Calculation of gross monthly income per person (up to 5 people).

Points for children

Points for children
Number of children Points
0 (no children) 0 point
1 child 10 points
2 children 20 points
3 children or more 30 points


Submission of a request for dorm residence

  • A student who is interested in the dorms must complete a request form for dorm residence.
  • The request will be submitted based on the section:  Schedules.
  • The request can be submitted in the Office of the Dean for the Graduate School or submitted via fax to: 04-8295635 or via Email or via mail to: Technion, Graduate School, Dean’s Office, Room 206, Churchill Building.
  • Married couples must attach to the dorm residence application a copy of their marriage certificate or a copy of an identity document that states that they are married.
  • Unmarried couples who are in “domestic partnerships” are required to sign a Declaration of Unmarried Couples. Couples who have shared an apartment for at least seven months before signing the declaration may request dorm residence. The declaration signed by an attorney must be attached to the request form for dorm residence.